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Our functional anagram solver decodes your words whenever and wherever you need anagram help. Our anagram generator finds different letter combinations, forms words and categorizes the results by word length. Use our free anagram generator to find the best solutions in your favorite word games, like Scrabble or WWF.

What exactly is an anagram?

An anagram is a word or a group of words which, by rearranging the letters, results in a new word or a new group of words, such as:

Almost any word game, including Scrabble and Words with Friends, can include anagram search challenges that require you to decode anagrams to form words or phrases you are looking for.

Here's how it works:

  1. Enter your letters: Enter the letters you want to decode into the search bar of the anagram solver.
  2. Search for usable words: Press the search button to display possible anagrams.
  3. Sort the results: Filter the results by word length or number of letters.

More examples of anagrams

  • Not only words can form anagrams, but names can also be represented in anagram script:
  • William Shakespeare I'll make a wise phrase
  • Justin Timberlake I'm a jerk, but listen
  • Jennifer Aniston Fine in torn jeans
  • It is not uncommon for the new word creation to include some sarcasm or parody:
  • Church of Scientology rich-chosen goofy cult
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan Insane Anglo warlord
  • Sometimes an anagram can also be synonym of a word:
  • a gentleman elegant man
  • eleven plus two twelve plus one
  • An anagram with the opposite meaning is called an antigram:
  • Funeral real fun
  • Santa Satan

Variations of anagrams

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards. For example, the word "level“ is a palidrome because it reads exactly the same forwards and backwards. Other palindromes are: madam, refer or kayak. Even a sentence can be read the same forward and backward: „Step on no pets.“

A blanagram is a word that is an anagram of another word, but where a single letter is substituted. Especially in Scrabble, a blanagram is often used by inserting a blank tile in such a way that it forms an anagram. Therefore, the blanagram has its word origin in blank + anagram. A simple blanagram is true - turn.

Decoding words with anagrams

Discover hidden words with our Anagram Solver. This free online Anagram Helper refers to a smart cloud-based anagram server that rearranges letters into winning combinations.

Our generator can be used either as a multi-word anagram solver or as a single-word anagram generator. Experience the many possibilities of this functional anagram solver by typing the letters you want to decode into the search bar above.

Anagrams in Scrabble

Scrabble is essentially a great word search and anagram game. So besides our Scrabble help, this anagram generator is the best online anagram help for Scrabble games.

If you are having trouble finding words to put on your Scrabble game board, our user-friendly anagram generator will help you score the most points to give you the best chance of winning.

Simply enter your letters into our generator's online search bar to discover the most successful combinations of anagrams or sentences for your Scrabble game.

How Anagram Games Work

1. Rules

There are numerous variations of the anagram game. In addition, there are many different anagram rules, letter distributions and ways to score points.

The most popular anagram games have 188 tiles and the same scoring system and rules as Scrabble. The official dictionaries allowed in standard anagram games are also similar to those of standard Scrabble games.

How seriously or loosely you adhere to anagram rules depends on how "official" you want to be when solving anagrams. For example, do you allow the use of blank tiles and wildcards? The choice is yours.

2.Form words

Combining letters
You can create words by combining individual letter tiles to form a word or phrase.

Add letters to other players words to "steal" their points. Each new word you create must be significantly different from the original.

Combine words
Create sentences, sayings or longer words by adding words from other players. Just use our anagram generator to decode letters and combine them with previously played words. But remember that the new word or phrase must be significantly different from the original.

3. Count points

Simple letter counter
The player with the most tiles on the board wins. This is the most basic method of scoring points in a word game.

Simple word counting
The player who creates the most words wins. This is another simple way to score points in an anagram game or word search.

Reward long words
Subtract one or two points from each tile that forms a word. This especially rewards players who play longer words.

Determine word count
The first player to decode or steal a predefined number of words wins. This number should be determined and accepted by all players before the game starts.