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If you want to play wordle several times a day you can open the wordle website in incognito mode and start a new game. This will not mess up your statistics ;) Try it out!

The best words to start your Wordle


Wordle - an entertaining letter puzzle with addiction guarantee

As a fan of crossword puzzles and word games, you can't miss the latest letter quiz: WORDLE. The online letter puzzle was developed by Josh Wardle in 2021 and within a very short time managed to gain great popularity with a growing number of players. This aroused the interest of the legendary New York Times, which promptly acquired the letter puzzle and currently publishes one new Wordle quiz every day. Wordle players around the world are guessing online for the current search term and share their results via various social media platforms without revealing the solution word.

But what is it all about?

The goal of the game is to find a valid five-letter word in six tries. Unlike the classic crossword puzzle, however, there are no clues to the correct solution word. Just by eliminating letters, you come closer to the solution word in one to six attempts. From over 2500 possible solutions, the player can find the correct five-letter word by a combination of thinking, being creative and trial & error.

Wordle is a very entertaining and varied word quiz for young and old. The gaming time required is low, but the fun factor is very high. Therefore Wordle is the perfect game for in between.

The game at a glance

It's actually quite simple - you start with any five-letter word and press Enter. The colors of the individual tiles help you with the further guessing attempts:

  • Green letter : Congratulations! The letter is correct and is already in the right spot in the solution word.
  • Yellow letter : The letter is part of the solution word, but not yet in the correct spot.
  • Gray letter : The letter is not part of the solution word.

Now you have five more tries to get closer to a valid five-letter word and find the correct solution word!

Tip: For all Wordle freaks, the New York Times offers a professional version - the Hard Mode: an additional rule makes the guessing game much more difficult. As soon as a green or yellow letter is found, this letter must be used in every further guess attempt.

Our Wordle Solver - helps you with guessing

You have already tried almost all word combinations, but the right one is not there yet? Then helps you to find the right letters.

And this is how it works:

  • Transfer your letters into our Wordle Solver:
    • Placed Letters : Enter letters you know for sure in the correct spot.
    • Good Letters : Enter up to 5 letters that appear in your Wordle. Then mark all the positions that can be excluded for the respective letter. This way our Wordle Solver offers you even more accurate results.
    • Bad Letters : Enter up to 21 letters that you can exclude.
  • Press Enter!

Our wordle solver will now suggest the word with which you statistically have the best chance to get closer to the solution word. Don't get confused, sometimes our wordle solver will suggest a word that you can use to exclude more letters and get you close to the solution (see also tip #4 below).

Furthermore, our wordle solver suggests the most frequently used letters as well as all possible solution words.

The best tips and tricks for playing Wordle

Even though Wordle has only recently become a highlight among word puzzlers and quizzers, there are already plenty of tricks for finding the solution word in as few tries as possible. We have summarized the best tips for you:

1. Use a word with many vowels

The best strategy is to find an initial word with as many vowels as possible. Since there are only 5 different vowels, chances are high that you will have some correct matches right at the start. Your first guessing word should contain at least three vowels. Popular are among others: ADIEU, AUDIO or LOUIE.

2. Use the same initial word every day

A popular strategy is to start each Wordle with the same word. Make sure that the word consists of five different letters that occur frequently, such as A, E, R, S, T.

3. Use a different initial word every day

This strategy is the complete opposite of tip #1, but it is also promising. Again, make sure that your word contains different and frequently used letters.

4. Use two completely different words in the first two lines

Even if it seems a little odd at first, it is a good strategy to use two completely different words in the beginning. If you manage to find two words with completely different letters, you can already check and exclude or confirm 10 letters. A popular combination for the first two attempts is ADIEU and ROTLS - with them you can already check all vowels and the popular letters R, S and T. This strategy is not suitable for playing the Hard Mode, though.

5. Note that letters can occur more than once

In words like „HELLO“ or „RUNNY“, single letters occur more than once. Keep this in mind when solving the letter game and also when using our Wordle Solver.

6. Avoid duplicate attempts

You have only six attempts to find the correct word. Don't waste duplicate attempts! The keyboard at the bottom of your wordle will help you avoid duplicate tries. Always keep an eye on it - or use our Wordle Solver for help!