'EXPLANATORY' is a 11 letter Word starting with E and ending with Y

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for EXPLANATORY

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explanatory 5 letter words

clear gabby newsy vivid windy wordy

explanatory 6 letter words

chatty prolix

explanatory 7 letter words

diffuse gossipy verbose voluble

explanatory 8 letter words

critical exegetic edifying effusive detailed didactic familiar friendly tutorial

explanatory 9 letter words

editorial educative elaborate enriching anecdotal bombastic derivable divulging garrulous gossiping revealing scholarly talkative uplifting

explanatory 10 letter words

annotative articulate clarifying discursive exegetical explaining expositive expository expressive glossarial revelatory repetitive illuminant illuminate illumining loquacious pleonastic scholastic

explanatory 11 letter words

descriptive designating elucidative explicative explicatory educational elucidating informative informatory instructive scholiastic significant spontaneous pedagogical

explanatory 13 letter words

explanatory 14 letter words

interpretative characterising

explanatory 15 letter words

Definition of explanatory

  • serving or intended to explain or make clear; "explanatory notes"; "an explanatory paragraph"

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EXPLANATORY is an official word in Scrabble with 23 points.