'SENSITIVE' is a 9 letter Word starting with S and ending with E

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sensitive 3 letter words

sensitive 4 letter words

sensitive 5 letter words

sensitive 7 letter words

sensitive 9 letter words

adaptable aesthetic acceptant acceptive advisable ambiguous anomalous attentive cognizant compliant conscious cognisant concerned difficult debatable deceptive dependent desirable emotional excitable explosive extensile enigmatic equivocal expedient festering formative impressed irascible irritable irritated intricate intuitive like putty lithesome malleable obnoxious observant puritanic potential practical prescient provident receptive receiving regardful selective sensatory sensorial startlish sagacious sleepless spiritual suffering tractable tremulous hazardous judicious uncertain undefined unnatural unsettled

sensitive 10 letter words

censorious chargeable contingent diplomatic deliberate discerning disputable empathetic extensible economical endangered fabricable fastidious fortuitous high-strung impression influenced indecisive indefinite indistinct insightful meticulous mettlesome misleading overtender particular perceiving perceptive precarious penetrable perishable responsive reasonable scrupulous sensimotor sequacious submissive susceptive solicitous vulnerable assailable attackable borderline telepathic thoughtful unexpected unforeseen unreliable

sensitive 12 letter words

anaphylactic appreciative advantageous differential discriminate high-spirited oversensible sensorimotor considerable extrasensory precognisant questionable undependable undetermined unrestrained

sensitive 13 letter words

sensitive 14 letter words

sensitive 15 letter words

sensitive 19 letter words

Definition of sensitive

  • hurting; "the tender spot on his jaw"; of or pertaining to classified information or matters affecting national security

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