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'UNDETERMINED' is a 12 letter Word starting with U and ending with D

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We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word undetermined will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

undetermined 3 letter words

undetermined 4 letter words

hazy iffy moot many open airy dark deed deep free gone lost thin vain vast

undetermined 5 letter words

broad being dicey faint fatal fluky foggy fuzzy fluid loose risky vague aught awash empty event minor shaky slack stray thing unapt unfit unlit worse wrong

undetermined 6 letter words

bleary blobby blurry casual chance chancy cloudy fickle futile random remote roving untold unable uneasy unlike unreal unsafe unseen unsure untrue unused veiled varied absent afloat astray dismal entity hollow likely masked missed mobile moving myriad secret sombre touchy tricky wobbly

undetermined 7 letter words

at issue aimless article blurred baffled chaotic clouded complex cryptic dubious fatidic fatuous fidgety flighty general garbled generic in limbo inexact mutable missing movable obscure offhand pendent pending protean puzzled shadowy swaying unclear unfixed unknown unplain unshown untried unarmed unbased unhappy unnamed unquiet unsound unusual useless endless erratic jittery lacking nervous nomadic restive roaming tottery trivial vagrant various wafting wanting wayward

undetermined 8 letter words

aleatory anything arguable confused carefree careless casually changing clinging critical destinal delusive disputed doubtful drifting inchoate infinite insecure sweeping screened slipshod straying uncaused undenied unproved unproven untested unlikely unstable unsteady baffling flexible floating heedless helpless hesitant manifold mindless movement multiple nameless nebulous nugatory numerous obscured oracular perilous possible probable puzzling rambling randomly reckless repeated restless rootless trifling vagabond variable vitiated volatile

undetermined 9 letter words

aleatoric amorphous adaptable alterable ambiguous anomalous anonymous causeless changeful confusing countless dependent depending debatable deceptive difficult dubitable hit-or-miss haphazard hazardous imprecise impatient incessant intricate irregular itinerant mercurial mystified not proved nerveless orderless shapeless sceptical secondary secretive seesawing senseless sensitive sleepless something uncertain uncounted undecided undefined unfounded unsettled unbounded unfactual unguarded unnoticed unplanned unpowered unsecured unskilful untenable untrained boundless enigmatic equivocal faltering flustered footloose frivolous fruitless limitless perplexed pointless potential powerless resilient temporary tentative traipsing transient wandering wholesale worthless

undetermined 10 letter words

accidental ambivalent capricious changeable contingent carelessly continuous disordered disputable fortuitous groundless ill-defined in question in suspense inaccurate incidental incoherent indecisive indefinite indistinct irresolute irresolved inadequate inconstant irrelevant mugwumpian mugwumpish meandering misleading mysterious of two minds stochastic subsidiary suspicious unattested undestined unexpected unforeseen unresolved unverified up for grabs up in the air unattached uncreative uncritical unemployed unfamiliar ungrounded uninformed unreliable unspecific unsuitable untruthful bewildered borderline endangered expendable precarious recklessly travelling variegated villainous vulnerable widespread

undetermined 11 letter words

ambitendent at loose ends alternating conditional conditioned complicated contestable convertible indefinable incompetent incredulous ineffectual innumerable involuntary irrevocable nonspecific suspenseful uncertified unconfirmed unlooked-for unspecified unsupported unsustained unvalidated unauthentic unbelieving unclarified unconcerned unconvinced unimportant unpromising unprotected unqualified unreasoning unselective unsharpened unwarranted discomfited dispensable fluctuating measureless paradoxical preoccupied problematic purposeless questioning vacillating

undetermined 12 letter words

adventitious accidentally double-minded disbelieving fence-sitting in the balance inconclusive immeasurable incalculable not following without basis questionable unaccustomed unauthorised unbelievable uncelebrated unclassified unconvincing undependable undesignated undiscerning undiscovered unidentified unreasonable unrestrained unrestricted unsuccessful

undetermined 13 letter words

indeterminate insignificant involuntarily shadowed forth unascertained unestablished unforeseeable unpredictable unconditioned unenlightened unintentional uninteresting unmentionable untrustworthy controversial

undetermined 14 letter words

indeterminable indiscriminate uncorroborated undemonstrated unclassifiable undeterminable unprofessional unrecognisable unsatisfactory without grounds circumstantial

undetermined 16 letter words

indiscriminately undiscriminating undistinguishing

undetermined 17 letter words


undetermined 21 letter words

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Definition of undetermined

  • not yet having been ascertained or determined; "of undetermined species"

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