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We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word careless will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

careless 3 letter words

careless 4 letter words

airy easy lazy lost poky rash rude soft slow weak wild dark deep dull free gone idle moot

careless 5 letter words

aloof alien awash blase bored baggy blank gawky hasty hulky heady loose messy mussy minor muddy muzzy seedy slack stiff saggy shaky stray tacky tardy unfit wrong crude dazed dirty drunk empty feral fluid fuzzy vague

careless 6 letter words

beat up beat-up blithe blowzy bombed brutal casual chance clumsy chancy cloudy coarse degage dreamy droopy faulty frowzy frumpy failed fickle flabby floppy futile gauche grubby guilty in rags lumpen oafish ragged remiss random remote roving shabby shoddy sloppy sordid stolid savage simple stoned stupid unneat untidy unwary unsure wanton wicked wobbly anyhow absent afloat astray erring hollow jaunty missed mobile moving tanked vacant

careless 7 letter words

artless awkward abashed aimless boorish baffled chintzy cursory callous clouded cryptic distant drugged drunken dubious furious failing faraway fatuous fidgety flaccid flighty flowing gawkish hulking hurried hanging inexact inhuman lenient loutish lumpish lacking loafing offhand obscure raggedy raunchy relaxed ruinous restive roaming squalid satanic slurred smashed swaying uncouth unhandy unkempt unready unaware unclear unfixed unknown unquiet useless erratic jittery jumbled missing movable muddled mutable natural nomadic protean puzzled tottery trivial vagrant wafting wayward

careless 8 letter words

barbaric bumbling bungling baffling carefree clownish cavalier casually changing confused criminal derelict detached distrait draggled dangling dawdling delusive deserted doubtful drifting drooping fallible feckless flippant frumpish fumbling flexible floating forsaken headlong heedless hesitant impotent improper informal ignorant inhumane insecure left-hand listless lubberly mindless mistaken reckless rambling randomly restless rootless scraggly slap-bang slapdash slipshod slovenly sluttish slurring straying tactless tattered trifling uncaring ungainly unnoting unwieldy uncombed unstable unsteady wrecking wavering nugatory puzzling vagabond variable volatile

careless 9 letter words

all thumbs apathetic arbitrary ataractic audacious abandoned adaptable alterable ambiguous barbarous breakneck befuddled desperate debatable destitute dubitable easy-going easygoing erroneous enigmatic equivocal foolhardy forgetful faltering flustered footloose frivolous fruitless graceless ham-fisted ham-handed haphazard hot-headed hotheaded heartless impassive impetuous imprecise imprudent incapable incorrect incurious inelegant ingenuous impatient impulsive irregular itinerant lumbering maladroit monstrous mystified negligent neglected oblivious overeager orgiastic ponderous perplexed pointless powerless thankless turned-off temporary traipsing transient unanxious uncareful unguarded unheedful unheeding unmarking unmindful unsightly unstudied untactful unworried uncertain undecided unplanned unsecured unsettled withdrawn wandering worthless changeful resilient sceptical secondary senseless shapeless sightless sleepless

careless 10 letter words

bedraggled behindhand blundering bewildered borderline capricious cumbersome carelessly censurable changeable chargeable contingent delinquent disheveled distracted disordered disorderly disputable inaccurate inadequate incautious indiscreet insouciant incidental inconstant indecisive indefinite indistinct inebriated irrational irrelevant irresolute left-handed neglectful nonchalant neglecting nonplussed permissive phlegmatic precarious reasonless regardless recklessly slatternly solecistic staggering subsidiary uncritical ungraceful uninvolved unnoticing unprepared unthinking unthorough untroubled uncreative unemployed unreliable unstarched accidental ambivalent expendable forgetting fortuitous meandering mysterious overlooked travelling tumultuous

careless 11 letter words

careless 12 letter words

absentminded accidentally adventitious clumsy-fisted devil-may-care disregardant disregardful disbelieving disconcerted disorganised infelicitous inconclusive shortsighted undiplomatic unfastidious uninterested unreflecting unreflective unrestrained unsolicitous unthoughtful unconsidered uncontrolled unconvincing undependable undetermined undiscerning unperceiving unreasonable unsuccessful lighthearted nonessential questionable

careless 16 letter words

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Definition of careless

  • effortless and unstudied; "an impression of careless elegance"; "danced with careless grace"; marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark"

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