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correct 2 letter words

correct 3 letter words

correct 4 letter words

bend buoy cure chic done darn drub edit ease fine firm fair fill free go by good just make mark meet mend mold nice neat okay obey open prim pure rate redo real safe suit sift sort save seep true turn very vary anew heal help warn wary wash wise

correct 5 letter words

adapt amend annul acute alert align alter aptly atone aware blame befit begin blunt boost bingo chide close chary clean clear emend exact edify erase fussy famed frank grade gauge goodo great happy mould moral mulct order outdo place patch purge renew right rigid rally ready recur refit rouse scold set up shape sound spank scrub sharp sieve sober suave tally treat truly tweak usual valid yield ideal legal licit naive noble wreak

correct 6 letter words

accord adjust au fait avenge awaken actual advise affect amerce aright astute attune arouse assist berate better bemean cancel change chaste comely comply candid clever debunk decent differ distil dressy expose enrich exceed follow formal famous filter finish frugal gear to kosher minute modify mouldy manage mature modern modest modish narrow normal notify offset polish proper punish placed polite purify proven rebuke redact reform remedy repair retype revamp revise rework recall recoup redeem refill refine regain remake remind repeat resale rescue resume retake return revive reword recast seemly settle show up spot on square strict subtle saving screen shrewd strafe strain strong subdue suited spirit verbal wake up winnow worthy honest impart inform temper unbend update upheld upkeep uplift lawful

correct 7 letter words

adapt to alright absolve adapted advance afflict apprise approve artless assuage austere animate apropos careful censure chasten compose condign conform certain clarify convert cordial cleanse ethical exigent expiate earnest educate enforce enliven express elegant enhance factual finical finicky fitting foppish forward further improve in order inspire lecture let in on linking literal launder logical moulder matched merited mindful natural nominal nullify notable notably nurture observe orderly ordered perfect pillory precise politic process prudent prosaic prudish recense rectify redraft redress refined regular reprove requite restore retouch reverse rewrite realign rebuild reclaim recover refresh remodel reorder replace reproof restate restock revered relieve revenge set down service sincere skilful smarten sparing special stylish surpass salvage sharpen sorting textual tactful thrifty totally uncharm unspell upbraid unmixed upgrade upright upswing uptrend well-put decided distill genuine germane graphic guarded judging healing

correct 8 letter words

absolute accepted accurate adjust to admitted admonish all right approved affirmed apposite arranged becoming beautify chastise critical cautious civilise complete concrete civilize deal with decorous delicate detailed disabuse definite discreet emendate exacting explicit eligible energise esteemed exchange energize faithful flawless filtrate inerrant inspired imposing inflated informed innovate improved innocent inspirit ladylike maintain make good make over mannerly masthead maidenly masterly mitigate moderate modified orthodox obedient official operable overhaul penalise penalize punctual put right passable personal positive prepared properly polished received regulate rightful rigorous rational readjust recreate rekindle relevant reliable renovate renowned replevin reproach retrieve restored set right standard straight suitable sensible separate specific spotless screened scrubbed skillful strained tagmemic take down tasteful true blue true-blue tactical thorough truthful vigorous verified vigilant virtuous vitalise verbatim vitalize work over watchful keelhaul unerring

correct 9 letter words

adverbial agree with attentive authentic advisable allowable arbitrate alleviate befitting being done blameless canonical castigate christian civilised civilized customary cognisant condition conscious cooperate courteous cultivate cognizant de rigueur dead right demanding disillude desirable dignified diversify doubtless enlighten expedient exquisite eliminate equitable estimable excellent exemplary expatiate expurgate encourage faultless finicking grammatic guileless harmonise harmonize honorable incorrupt important influence ingenuous inviolate just right judicious justified make right make up for manoeuvre meliorate modernise modernize normative objurgate observant organised outspoken reconcile religious reprehend reprimand righteous reanimate rearrange receptive refurbish reinforce reinstate reiterate replenish reproduce reputable respected syntactic sagacious sensitive stimulate supervise tally with tolerable transform transmute undeceive unfailing veracious veridical visit upon venerable veritable perfectly practical precisely provident perfected prominent qualified

correct 10 letter words

adjectival ameliorate applicable assimilate aboveboard admissible analytical acceptable be guided by blue-pencil believable bowdlerize compensate comply with conforming copulative correspond counteract conformant convalesce convenient convincing creditable disappoint discipline disenchant defensible deliberate diplomatic discerning determined fall in with felicitous functional fastidious forthright honourable harmonious impeccable infallible immaculate impressive individual invigorate legitimate meticulous manageable methodical neutralize neutralise of the faith on the money particular principled pronominal perceptive personally positively recognised recognized recompense reconsider remunerate reasonable reasonably reassemble recuperate regenerate rejuvenate repurchase revitalise revitalize scriptural scrupulous settle with straighten structural solicitous strengthen supplement take to task transitive thoughtful well-chosen well-spoken economical undoubting unperjured unreserved upstanding undisputed

correct 11 letter words

accommodate appropriate attributive bring to book ceremonious chime in with comme il faut conformable conjunctive countervail calculating circumspect disillusion descriptive disentangle established evangelical enlightened experienced glossematic grammatical inflict upon illustrious intelligent let down easy make conform mechanistic meritorious participial punctilious put straight put to rights permissible painstaking puritanical respectable recondition reconstruct reestablish resuscitate set straight set to rights substantive specialised straitlaced traditional trustworthy transfigure unblindfold undistorted utilitarian unequivocal well-behaved fashionable highfalutin hospitalise judgemental justifiable

correct 12 letter words

acknowledged assimilate to advantageous conventional conservative considerable good-mannered intransitive orthodoxical scrutinizing satisfactory specialising strengthened tell the truth well-mannered housetrained metamorphose particularly reinvigorate undisputable

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correct 17 letter words

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Definition of correct

  • free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth; "the correct answer"; "the correct version"; "the right answer"; "took the right road"; "the right decision"; make right or correct; "Correct the mistakes"; "rectify the calculation"; socially right or correct; "it isn't right to leave the party without saying goodbye"; "correct behavior"; treat a defect; "The new contact lenses will correct for his myopia"

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