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'CUT' is a 3 letter Word starting with C and ending with T

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We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word cut will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

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cut 6 letter words

abrade aching amount arroyo banish be keen benumb big end bisect bloody blotch blotto bottom breach broach broken bruise budget buffet burned busted cachet cancel canned canyon carved cavity censor chinky chisel cleave cleuch clough cloven collop coulee cranny crazed crease create cudgel cut off cut out cut-off cutoff dadoed dampen dapple day off debase decoct deduct defile degree delete deport digest dilute divide docked docket doctor dollop dolour detach efform enroll escape except excise expand extent exiled fallow fester figure fillet flavor flimsy fluted format freeze furrow flitch gaping gashed gather gnomic go awol gobbet goffer gouged graved graven grieve groove gutter hairdo halver harmed harrow height hollow ignore in bits incise indent infuse injure injury insert instil insult jigsaw joggle kennel lamina lay out layout leaven lesion lessen lowest macula makeup mangle marked martyr matrix mauled member minute moiety morsel mottle mouldy nature neuter nicked nuance nullah offend open up outlaw pained palate parcel paring pass by pass up patina pepper period pierce plunge pommel post up pruned pummel parted rabbet ragged rankle rarefy rasher ration ravine rebate rebuff record reduce refund refuse reject relish remove ribbed rifled rimose rub out rutted remote savage savour scorch scored scotch scrape sculpt scythe setoff shadow shiver sliced slight sliver snatch solder splash sprain spread spring sprung stigma stitch strain stress strike stripe stroke subtle sulcus sunder swinge switch scrimp spaced strewn tablet tailor take in tatter tattoo thrash throes thrust thwack tittle tooled trauma trench trifle trough unclot valley veneer wallop weaken wrench waning

cut 7 letter words

abandon abridge abscind absence afflict affront agonise agonize air line airline anguish art form abating asunder backset baptise baptize beating beeline belabor blemish blot out bring in bristle bruised brusque butcher caliber calibre carve up cast out catalog chalk up chamfer channel cheapen check in checked chimney chipped clipped clobber coating compact compass concise corrupt costate couloir cowhide cracked crackle creased crevice cribble crimped crocked crucify culture curtail cut away cut back cut dead cut down cut open cutback cutting damaged decline default deflate depress despite destiny diluted disdain dismiss dispart dissect divvy up drunken disjoin distant divided earmark edit out enchase engrave etching excised exclude execute expunge fashion feather feature fend off feuille fill out fissure fissury flavour fleeing fluting fly open foolery fortify frazzle freckle flexing gaseous give way glyphic goof off grabble graving grieved grooved harvest helping hold off holiday impanel impress imprint incised inflame injured instill isolate jeering jot down keep off keynote laconic lamella lay open leaving leg-pull lentigo liquefy make out mangled marking measure mockery modicum moulder neglect offense opening operate outrage pack off passage passion pattern penalty pervade pick out plateau plating pleated plummet plywood pointed pollard pollute portion potshot premium printed put back put down put-down pulling quality quantum rake-off rawhide reduced refusal repulse rescind rifling root out royalty rule out rupture removed salvage scalded scallop scarify scissor scourge scratch section segment send off serrate set down severed shaving shorten shut off slashed slice up smashed snippet spartan speckle split up splotch stamped stipple striate subtile sulcate summary sinking take off take out tenuous the go-by thin out thinned torment torture trounce truancy turn off tensing trenche vandyke ward off watered weed out whittle wipe out woodcut wounded wrinkle write in write up

cut 8 letter words

abrasion abridged abstract aggrieve amputate aperture aquatint aqueduct assemble atrocity altering beat back beat down belabour bleeding block out boil down breakage brickbat brush off brush-off calendar canalize censored chase off cicatrix clipping cockeyed coldcock comeback compress condense contempt contract convulse corduroy covering crevasse cross out cut apart cut in two cut short changing confined decrease denature diminish discount dissever dissolve distress divide up dividend doctor up drawback drubbing drumming detached disjoint division draining dropping elliptic enchased engraved enormity enscroll ethereal excision filleted fissured flouting fluidify fluidize fracture fragment fugitate furlough furrowed gather in give pain giveaway goffered hallmark hit a clip impaired in pieces in shards in shreds incision inscribe interest interval irrigate irritate isolated jump ship kick back kickback knock off knock out lacerate let alone liquesce lowering loosened malinger mark down markdown melt down membrane modality mutilate negative nose dive nose-dive note down overlook particle pass over pellicle permeate piquancy polka dot pooh-pooh price cut price-cut property pullback puncture push back rabbeted rarefied register relegate reserved retrench rimulose roll back rollback rough out roughhew ruptured receding reducing sapidity saturate scissure scorched send away send down separate set apart set aside share out shortcut shredded shut down simplify sore spot splinter spurning stamp out standard step down striated strike at strip off succinct sulcated secluded sundered tabulate taciturn take down take from tattered tear open troughed truncate tune down turn away turn back vacation vaporous vignette weakened whittled worse off worsened wrinkled write off write out write-off

cut 9 letter words

abatement absenting acuminate aggrieved allotment allowance anguished apportion archetype aspersion attenuate attribute attrition apathetic bastinado birthmark blackball box canyon calibrate capsulize caste mark chamfered channeled character charge off charge-off chase away check mark checkmark chronicle cicatrice condensed contumely corrugate crenulate crop herbs cultivate cut across cut direct cut prices deal a blow decrement deduction deflation dehiscent departure depletion devaluate dismissal disregard downgrade drive away drive back declining disjoined dwindling eliminate engraving enucleate epitomise epitomize eradicate expurgate extirpate extradite exclusive fertilise fertilize flash burn formalize formation frostbite fusillade fustigate go through goldbrick half-price horsewhip idiocrasy imperfect impressed imprinted indignity inner form inscribed intersect irritated irregular knock cold knock down lacerated lessening let dangle let have it liquidize lixiviate make a note mannerism martyrize mezzotint mutilated nasty blow ostracise ostracize partition penetrate percolate play hooky pretermit price fall proscribe prototype put on tape quartered redolence reduction remission roughcast rusticate scale down scratched sculpture share with shattered shortened shrinkage sick leave specialty spread out stab wound striation strike off strike out structure subtilize suffering sulcation summarise summarize sunk fence swing open switch off synopsize scattered separated shrinking squeezing telescope throw open thrust out transport truantism truncated truncheon trenchier uncompact videotape water down watermark woodblock woodprint write down xylograph

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