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We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word degradation will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

degradation 3 letter words

ebb ban sin

degradation 5 letter words

decay dying filth fault fraud lapse mould odium shame slump abuse blame crime exile graft guile pitch price taboo taint theft wrong

degradation 6 letter words

fading felony infamy insult mildew mouldy malice misuse murder attack breach deceit decree horror racket rebuff regret sadism stigma threat

degradation 7 letter words

abandon affront assault breakup badness battery bondage boycott bribery decline descent ducking erosion embargo failing failure fawning knavery lowness lechery moulder misdeed obloquy offence ominous ousting outrage roguery refusal remorse removal robbery scandal sinking squalor setback sinning slavery slyness undoing chagrin cruelty jobbery nemesis penalty purging verdict

degradation 8 letter words

ablation atrocity baseness blockade comedown coercion contempt cowering cringing demotion disgrace dishonor downfall downturn decrease enormity ejection eviction exaction foulness humbling ignominy iniquity lowering meanness menacing mischief outlawry pokiness poorness rankness rascalry reproach slippage spoilage savagery savagism sentence stealing vileness villainy varletry venality judgment nepotism thievery trespass trickery weakness

degradation 9 letter words

abasement abjection abashment chicanery concavity corrosion crumbling captivity decadence decadency degrading depluming depravity detrusion discredit disrepute downtrend damnation deception declivity deviation diablerie discharge disesteem dishonour dismissal duplicity exclusion expulsion extortion grossness ostracism outlawing oxidation penitence pettiness pollution rascality reduction reprobacy rejection restraint seduction smallness stripping sanctions servility servitude stricture turpitude violation vitiation barbarity blackmail brutality hostility indignity lessening wallowing worsening

degradation 10 letter words

abjectness artfulness banishment corruption crumminess chastening constraint conviction debasement declension defrocking degeneracy depression derogation devolution diminution disbarment disgrading displuming debauchery defilement deposition discipline dishonesty domination effeteness falling-off fugitation forbearing forfeiture hollowness ignobility involution immorality impairment impediment infliction infraction inhumanity littleness loss of tone limitation odiousness opprobrium paltriness profligacy perversion prevention punishment regression relegation resolution rottenness scabbiness scumminess scurviness shabbiness shoddiness savageness sensuality separation sinfulness suspension unfrocking grovelling malignance malignancy quarantine wickedness wrongdoing

degradation 11 letter words

abandonment atomization abnormality abomination casting down corruptness compunction confinement criminality crookedness declination deformation deportation depravation deprivation disjunction dissolution downgrading depredation desecration extradition elimination enslavement eradication fulsomeness forbiddance hauling down heinousness humiliation incoherence impoundment knavishness loss of honor oxidization overhanging roguishness rustication repudiation restriction scrubbiness scruffiness submergence segregation subjugation wear and tear backsliding bashfulness beastliness malevolence malfeasance molestation prohibition viciousness

degradation 12 letter words

beggarliness blackballing de-escalation degeneration depravedness depreciation dilapidation discomfiture displacement expatriation embezzlement exploitation infamousness imprisonment interdiction prostitution penalisation profiteering proscription retrocession scampishness scoundrelism subservience wretchedness adulteration chastisement condemnation misbehaviour misdemeanour

Definition of degradation

  • changing to a lower state (a less respected state)

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