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discomfort 3 letter words

gyp jar woe ail

discomfort 4 letter words

ache care hurt hell pain pang pest blow bane bore drop dole fall flop fuss ruin rack wear evil load stab

discomfort 5 letter words

alarm angst agony blahs dolor dread ennui grief gripe grate mourn upset worry waste wreck weary check crash cramp harry haunt shock slide shame smart sting pains pique trial

discomfort 6 letter words

bother burden dismay dolour defeat deject grieve lament misery meddle mishap nausea pathos pester plight sorrow spleen strain sicken tedium twinge topple trauma tumble unease unrest harass infest ordeal obsess offend effort enigma regret revolt

discomfort 7 letter words

afflict agitate anguish anxiety ailment boredom backset beating blunder bedevil dislike disturb decline derange descent dingbat disease depress despair dilemma discord disgust fluster failure founder hurting horrify malaise perturb put to it problem sadness schmerz scruple setback tension trouble torment torture chagrin concern reverse remorse undoing willies incubus

discomfort 8 letter words

disquiet distress dullness decrease disaster downfall disorder flatness falldown flounder fretting grimness hardship headache nuisance nauseate soreness struggle vexation aggrieve calamity collapse comedown confound conquest insomnia irritant quandary reversal upheaval waterloo wreckage exertion troubles

discomfort 9 letter words

bleakness breakdown emptiness embarrass endurance misgiving martyrdom poignancy purgatory sharpness staleness suffering situation stiffness abashment adversity agitation annoyance deterrent dejection displease heartache hindrance humiliate incommode imbroglio nightmare overthrow reduction vandalism withering

discomfort 10 letter words

bitterness blistering depression difficulty discontent dismalness dreariness desolation discommode discompose disgruntle dishearten dissatisfy disability disenchant excitement excruciate inquietude irritation infliction uneasiness unpleasure woefulness withdrawal affliction feebleness harassment misfortune melancholy punishment separation spoliation solicitude sufferance

discomfort 11 letter words

awkwardness aggravation displeasure destruction devastation disillusion disturbance joylessness lamentation painfulness pitiability pitifulness predicament tediousness tribulation unhappiness eradication fretfulness frustration humiliation botheration instability malfunction

discomfort 12 letter words

discomposure discomfiture grievousness load with care mournfulness pitiableness restlessness exasperation hopelessness wretchedness

discomfort 14 letter words

existential woe lack of pleasure unsatisfaction unpleasantness disappointment disconcertment disintegration

discomfort 16 letter words

discomfort 17 letter words

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Definition of discomfort

  • an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness or distress; the state of being tense and feeling pain

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DISCOMFORT is an official word in Scrabble with 18 points.