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basketball court judicial circuit refresher course circumscription maneuverability manoeuvrability

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Definition of field

  • (computer science) a set of one or more adjacent characters comprising a unit of information; (mathematics) a set of elements such that addition and multiplication are commutative and associative and multiplication is distributive over addition and there are two elements 0 and 1; "the set of all rational numbers is a field"; a geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found; "the diamond fields of South Africa"; a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "they are outstanding in their field"; a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed; "he planted a field of wheat"; a region in which active military operations are in progress; "the army was in the field awaiting action"; "he served in the Vietnam theater for three years"; all of the horses in a particular horse race; all the competitors in a particular contest or sporting event; answer adequately or successfully; "The lawyer fielded all questions from the press"; catch or pick up (balls) in baseball or cricket; play as a fi

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FIELD is an official word in Scrabble with 9 points.