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founder 2 letter words

founder 3 letter words

founder 5 letter words

founder 6 letter words

founder 7 letter words

builder backset beating blunder capsize creator chagrin crumple decline deviser default descend descent give way go under overset planner scuttle stagger stumble subside setback immerse misfire mistake neglect reverse trouble undoing

founder 8 letter words

be felled begetter beginner collapse calamity comedown conquest designer decrease disaster distress downfall effector engineer executor flop down flounder inventor keel over miscarry misapply miscount misjudge mistreat overturn plop down producer realizer reversal sink down submerge submerse struggle turn over hardship quandary vexation waterloo wreckage

founder 9 letter words

ancestors architect artificer abashment adversity annoyance break down breakdown conceiver craftsman executrix flump down generator initiator organiser organizer overthrow patriarch pitchpole precursor shipwreck slump down deterrent dishonour displease hindrance manhandle misemploy mishandle mismanage misreckon reduction repudiate

founder 11 letter words

founder 12 letter words

founder 13 letter words

founder 14 letter words

disappointment disconcertment disintegration

founder 15 letter words

founder 17 letter words

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Definition of founder

  • a person who founds or establishes some institution; "George Washington is the father of his country"; a worker who makes metal castings; sink below the surface; stumble and nearly fall; "the horses foundered"

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