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liveliness 2 letter words


liveliness 3 letter words

liveliness 5 letter words

ardor antic birth binge bliss furor fever force gusto heart haste hurry moxie mirth mover punch power prank probe savor spice speed spunk tonus verve vigor oomph whirl cheer craze nerve

liveliness 6 letter words

liveliness 7 letter words

anxiety ardency avidity ability agility ecstasy essence fervour fitness gayness hotness impetus impulse panache passion pizzazz potency rebound rapture rollick sparkle spirits stretch snigger stamina chortle chuckle comfort delight jollity kidding outlook

liveliness 8 letter words

activity alacrity appetite avidness airiness buoyance buoyancy dynamism dispatch dynamics devotion fervency keenness lifetime long life laughter loudness pertness piquancy pungency planning plotting prospect prudence raciness raillery rapidity rashness tonicity vibrancy vitality vivacity velocity vibrance violence celerity cheering efficacy gladness hilarity increase interest scramble security strength sunshine spryness optimism

liveliness 9 letter words

animation alacritas briskness eagerness existence endurance lightness longevity lustiness nippiness peppiness perkiness poignancy prevision quickness readiness rapidness resonance spiciness smartness swiftness tanginess vehemence viability vividness craziness diligence festivity fleetness frivolity geniality hastening hastiness happiness hardihood joviality jubilance jolliness merriness merriment outfitted outlining witticism intensity

liveliness 10 letter words

being alive bounciness breeziness bubbliness brilliance brightness ebullience elasticity enthusiasm excitement exuberance enterprise expedience expedition exultation fervidness friskiness fanaticism having life heartiness impatience initiative keen desire promptness permission precaution prediction preventive protection providence resilience resiliency robustness snappiness governance government jauntiness joyousness jubilation joyfulness observance quickening volatility cheeriness

liveliness 11 letter words

anxiousness coltishness celebration cooperation flexibility forwardness immortality impetuosity joie de vivre pepperiness playfulness premonition promptitude punctuality rompishness reassurance springiness spontaneity stimulation zestfulness blessedness hopefulness hurriedness merrymaking observation willingness

liveliness 12 letter words

adaptability acceleration anticipation gamesomeness skittishness spiritedness sportiveness spriteliness stretchiness satisfaction backslapping blandishment exhilaration perspicacity preparedness presentiment preservation provisionary restlessness vigorousness whimsicality cheerfulness

liveliness 13 letter words

liveliness 14 letter words

liveliness 15 letter words

liveliness 16 letter words

animate existence lightheartedness

liveliness 17 letter words

liveliness 20 letter words

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Definition of liveliness

  • animation and energy in action or expression; "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"; general activity and motion

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LIVELINESS is an official word in Scrabble with 13 points.