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'PROJECT' is a 7 letter Word starting with P and ending with T

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project 3 letter words

project 9 letter words

actualize adumbrate adventure aftertime attenuate blueprint body forth bristle up beginning calculate conjure up composite delineate determine discharge direction doctoring exemplify extend out endeavour eagerness education erudition evolution execution expansion fish to fry foresight foretoken formation framework hereafter imminence incarnate intention job of work methodize machinate manoeuvre mediation objectify operation originate outgrowth personate personify plan ahead prefigure pretypify preordain preparing procedure provision the future the morrow time ahead transpire treatment visualize visualise viewpoint gestation grounding knowledge novitiate readiness rehearsal represent reworking schooling seasoning synthesis unfolding

project 10 letter words

project 11 letter words

aspire after aggregation application arrangement attainments cast a shadow contemplate course ahead crystal ball combination communicate contrivance cornerstone credentials cultivation demonstrate desideratum determinism development disposition eventuality expectation exteriorize externalize extrapolate externalise edification elaboration enlargement environment forward look future tense fecundation impersonate involvement instruction piece of work precipitate probability project over proposition protuberate preparation preparative progression rationalize shadow forth systematize scholarship suitability undertaking manufacture transaction willingness

project 12 letter words

desideration fixed purpose posteriority predetermine preparedness prescription presentation strike the eye organisation organization anticipation manipulation modification reproduction

project 13 letter words

aller sans dire acculturation determination distant future harbor a design look forward to matters in hand sauter aux yeux time just ahead expansiveness enlightenment establishment orchestration preliminaries premeditation investigating investigation understanding

project 14 letter words

circumambulate classification correspondence speak for itself predisposition pharmaceutical qualifications

project 15 letter words

project 16 letter words

project 18 letter words

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Definition of project

  • a planned undertaking; cause to be heard; "His voice projects well"; communicate vividly; "He projected his feelings"; draw a projection of; present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc.; "He proposed a new plan for dealing with terrorism"; "She proposed a new theory of relativity"; project on a screen; "The images are projected onto the screen"; put or send forth; "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"; "The setting sun threw long shadows"; "cast a spell"; "cast a warm light"; regard as objective; throw, send, or cast forward; "project a missile"; transfer (ideas or principles) from one domain into another

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