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'TEDIOUS' is a 7 letter Word starting with T and ending with S

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Like a really boring job (7)

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for TEDIOUS

We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word tedious will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

tedious 3 letter words

dry dim rut old sad

tedious 5 letter words

banal blank dusty drear empty eager heavy ho-hum inane prosy prose stiff sappy silly sober stale stock vapid chore corny gabby grave gushy known tired trite usual wordy

tedious 7 letter words

chiming cloying copious endless fairish fatuous fervent foolish harping humdrum insipid irksome jog trot jog-trot labored lengthy literal of a kind of a sort of sorts operose prosaic profuse rhyming routine sterile serious surplus wearing wearied noxious doleful general glowing growing gushing maudlin mawkish mundane teeming typical unbound useless verbose voluble

tedious 8 letter words

assonant abundant boresome bromidic chanting consumed dingdong dragging drudging depleted laboured lifeless longueur mediocre middling moderate monotone monotony passable plodding prodigal singsong swarming tiresome unending unlively uncurbed unwieldy weariful wearying effusive everyday expended familiar grievous harassed inactive needless ordinary overcast overdone overused

tedious 9 letter words

automatic abounding belabored bloodless bombastic bountiful colorless dryasdust etiolated expansive exuberant fatiguing laborious pointless ponderous prolonged plentiful plethoric soporific tasteless tediously tolerable treadmill talkative unvarying unbridled unimpeded unleashed weariness wearisome worthless garrulous hackneyed inanimate redundant

tedious 11 letter words

elephantine everlasting indifferent inexcitable improvident low-spirited repetitious respectable superficial sentimental stereotyped superfluous commonplace debilitated overflowing unenjoyable unnecessary

tedious 12 letter words

alliterating alliterative broken-record cliche-ridden jingle-jangle long-drawn-out dissatisfied enthusiastic tautological uncontrolled unrestrained

tedious 13 letter words

characterless uninteresting grandiloquent superabundant supernumerary

tedious 14 letter words

tedious 17 letter words

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Definitions of tedious

  • so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness
  • using or containing too many words

Anagrams of tedious


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