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'TEMPERANCE' is a 10 letter Word starting with T and ending with E

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temperance 4 letter words

temperance 5 letter words

faith force check limit might peace poise power

temperance 6 letter words

denial lenity repose aplomb assent energy genius

temperance 7 letter words

charity command control courage gravity justice measure modesty balance bearing silence stamina

temperance 8 letter words

calmness clemency coolness eschewal evenness enduring exceller forgoing mildness pacifism prudence patience serenity sobriety strength sureness via media approval lenience leniency luminary

temperance 9 letter words

austerity accepting agreement allowance fortitude frugality girl's name meden agan middle way restraint sacrifice soberness solemnity stability staidness stillness composure deference endurance patronage quietness tolerance variation

temperance 11 letter words

temperance 12 letter words

temperance 16 letter words

temperance 17 letter words

temperance 18 letter words

temperance 19 letter words

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Definition of temperance

  • the act of tempering; the trait of avoiding excesses

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