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'ABATEMENT' is a 9 letter Word starting with A and ending with T

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We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word abatement will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

abatement 3 letter words

cut joy ebb

abatement 4 letter words

agio ease fall tare tret boon calm curb gain loss rest

abatement 5 letter words

dying drain let-up letup slack bliss bonus cheer check glory mirth peace poise quiet value

abatement 6 letter words

easing rebate refund relief remedy repose reward setoff solace accord aplomb waning fading

abatement 7 letter words

calming comfort cutback control damping decline dulling delight fade out fade-out fatigue flexing falloff hushing harmony letdown lulling leisure numbing penalty premium pulling purpose sagging salvage salving sinking succour abating anodyne benefit ecstasy rapture tensing welfare

abatement 8 letter words

blunting breakage decrease dilution discount drawback dying off drainage draining dropping easement kickback leniency lowering laughter price cut price-cut paradise patience pleasure quieting quietude rollback receding reducing soothing serenity stoppage thinning write off write-off altering calmness changing facility felicity goodness interest vivacity markdown

abatement 9 letter words

allayment allowance analgesia attrition advantage agreement abolition annulment charge-off composure dampening deadening decrement deduction deflation demulsion declining deducting dominance dwindling inanition lessening loosening reduction remission restraint softening shrinkage shrinking squeezing stillness supremacy tempering transport weakening wellbeing enjoyment happiness merriment placidity privilege

abatement 10 letter words

abridgment anesthesia alteration concession compassion compendium condolence depression diminution decreasing enervation exhaustion equanimity exuberance falling-off fulfilment lightening limitation mitigation modulation meditation mellowness moderation palliation percentage prevention quietening rebatement relaxation repression simplicity slackening subduement shortening subsidence indulgence tightening truncation usefulness withdrawal

abatement 11 letter words

alleviation appeasement assuagement attenuation abridgement contraction consolation contentment contracting convenience curtailment decrescence diminishing extenuation scaling down subtraction shrivelling blessedness improvement naturalness withdrawing

abatement 12 letter words

abatement 13 letter words

abatement 14 letter words

abatement 15 letter words

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Definition of abatement

  • the act of abating; "laws enforcing noise abatement"

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