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angular 3 letter words

raw tri ell zag

angular 4 letter words

angular 5 letter words

angular 6 letter words

akimbo across angled aslant aslope forked furcal hooked jagged meager mitred skinny skewed sloped zigzag biased tilted warped radian

angular 7 letter words

awkward abreast askance athwart crooked furcate haggard pointed scraggy scrawny serrate slanted sloping swaying v-shaped y-shaped inexact lateral oblique winding

angular 8 letter words

cornered crotched crabwise cockeyed rawboned sawtooth sideling sidelong sideward sideways sidewise slanting unworked bevelled diagonal disposed inclined indirect lopsided

angular 9 letter words

roughhewn undressed acclivous ascending crosswise inclining laterally slantways slantwise

angular 10 letter words

angular 11 letter words

geniculated unfashioned mathematics predisposed

angular 12 letter words

contrariwise transversely trigonometry

angular 13 letter words

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Definition of angular

  • having angles or an angular shape; measured by an angle or by the rate of change of an angle; "angular momentum"

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ANGULAR is an official word in Scrabble with 8 points.