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Based in:London, UK
Releases: Daily
Difficulty Level: easy to hard
Published first: january 1999
Special: Saturday puzzles being prize crosswords.
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Guardian Crossword Answers and more information about the famous British Newspaper

The Guardian is one of the most popular newspapers of the quality press in Great Britain and represents the biggest counterpart to the other, more conservative newspapers in the country. Since its first issue in May 1821, its readership has grown steadily, helping The Guardian to achieve its high position. The Sunday newspaper The Observer has been part of The Guardian since 1993 and offers exciting crossword puzzles just like The Guardian.

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The Guardian crosswords and their editor Hugh Stephenson

In the United Kingdom, newspapers are divided into quality press, which is concerned with serious reporting, and popular press or tabloids, which report subjectively on certain moods among the population. In addition to The Guardian, the quality press also includes daily newspapers such as The Times, Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph. And their crossword puzzles are just as well-known and popular.

Hugh Stephenson has been editor of The Guardian's crosswords since 2003. During his career, he has worked as Business Editor at The Times from 1969 to 1981 and then editor of the New Statesman newspaper until 1986. Most recently, he held the position of Head of Institute in Journalism at City University in London, where he became Emeritus Professor in 2003. Since then, he has put all his knowledge and skill into The Guardian's crossword puzzles and writes the monthly online edition of the editor's column. In addition, he has published several puzzle books and a guide to solving The Guardian's crosswords.

Fun fact: In September 2019, The Guardian published a hidden message in the crossword puzzle. All fully completed letters in the top and bottom rows resulted in the words: BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT

The variants of the crossword puzzles in The Guardian

The Guardian's seriousness is also reflected in the standard of its crosswords. New crosswords appear online and in print every day. During the week, there is both a quick and a cryptic crossword variation. And these put real puzzle fans to the test.

On weekends, there are more puzzles in addition to the two grid puzzles. On Saturdays, readers can take part in the prize puzzle, the solution to which is not published until 12 noon on the following Friday. But The Guardian's Weekend Crossword is also very popular. Everyman and Speedy are also published on Sundays. Some crosswords are published exclusively online. These include Quiptic, which is always published on Mondays, and Genius is published on the first Monday of every month.

The specifics of The Guardian's cryptic crossword puzzles

The Guardian offers a variety of puzzles with different levels of difficulty. The newspaper's cryptic crossword puzzles are particularly well known. Here, the solution words are paraphrased in a particularly cryptic manner and each clue represents a word puzzle. While the Quick puzzles, which are also published daily, are also suitable for beginners, the cryptic crosswords pose a challenge even for experienced puzzlers.

Cryptic crosswords have been published in Great Britain since the mid-1920s. Edward Powsy Mathers was particularly influential in this type of puzzling. Initially he created cryptic crosswords exclusively for The Saturday Westminster and from 1926 also for The Observer and is therefore often called the inventor of these special puzzles.

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Guardian crossword clue answers

Online and in the printed version of the daily newspaper, The Guardian offers many different crossword puzzles for free. For beginners, we can recommend the Quick and Speedy crosswords. Much more difficult are puzzles like Prize or Cryptic. Here, even the most experienced puzzlers may not know the solution.

Our website can help you quickly. Here you can find Guardian crossword answers from today. Thanks to our clearly arranged calendar you can also easily find the correct answers to crosswords from previous weeks.