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Based in:London, UK
Releases: each 2 days
Difficulty Level: medium to hard
Published first: 1930
Special: Saturday puzzles being prize crosswords
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April 2024

Times crossword answers - The everyday puzzle help

The Times is based in London and is considered one of the most important newspapers in Great Britain. And the crossword puzzles of The Times are also popular nationwide. Here, puzzle fans can solve tricky crossword puzzles from Monday to Saturday.

The Times crosswords offer just the right variety and have been delighting puzzle fans for years. Different levels of difficulty make it possible for anyone interested to find the right challenge. If the answers are too difficult, our website will help you with crossword answers for The Times. Have you already solved the current crossword puzzle for The Times and are you looking for more puzzles? Then have a look here:

Times crossword answers and more information about the famous newspaper

It is impossible to imagine Great Britain without the renowned daily newspaper The Times. Since the publication of its first edition in 1785, then still under the title The Daily Universal Register, the number of readers has continued to rise. At the same time, its crossword puzzles are just as popular and offer beginners and advanced puzzle fans a welcome change.

Published Monday through Saturday, The Times enjoys great popularity throughout the United Kingdom. If The Times crossword puzzles are too difficult, you can find The Times crossword answers today with all the solutions here. In The Sunday Times, the puzzles are published for the weekend.

Fun fact: The Times and The Sunday Times do not have a joint editorial team and only since 1966 have they had the same owner.

Who is behind The Times crossword puzzles?

The Times offers new crossword puzzles every day, both online and in print. Different types of puzzles also appear, which differ in their level of difficulty. Thus, there is a Quick variant, but also various Cryptic crosswords, which are often particularly difficult due to their word puzzles. This type of crossword puzzles was first published in British newspapers in the 1920s and therefore counts as an invention from Great Britain.

At The Times, Richard Rogan has been responsible for editing and creating the Cryptic crosswords since 2014. Even as a child, Rogan was fascinated by the symmetrical grid of crossword puzzles and loved the way they all connected words. Today, he puts that love of puzzles into The Times Crossword, where he publishes his own puzzles monthly while reviewing those created by other writers.

The fact that Richard Rogan is a true crossword puzzle aficionado is also evident from the fact that he runs the informal café session at the annual Cheltenham Literature Festival. There, the Northern Ireland native helps other avid puzzle fans solve the Cryptic and Quick of the day. He adapts his tips and hints to the varying levels of experience of his audience.

Crosswords and other puzzels in The Times

The Times crossword puzzles can be easily completed in the printed daily newspaper. Help with solving The Times crosswords is available on our website. The online version of the puzzles can only be accessed by those who take out a subscription. Once registered, users can choose from more than 9,000 puzzles. The daily changing offers are interesting for beginners as well as for advanced puzzlers.

At The Times, puzzle fans get their money's worth. In addition to the crosswords, which are published daily, registered users can also test their knowledge and solve The Times Daily Quiz or the interactive quiz Word Watch. From Monday to Thursday, there is an additional page with puzzles to print out and take home, and on Saturdays the newsletter reminds users of the Saturday puzzles, which are prize puzzles.

The Times crosswords are very popular puzzles in the UK and offer a new tricky challenge for puzzle lovers every day. If the crossword does get too difficult, our website will help with the latest solutions. So no field has to remain empty.