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Based in:London, UK
Releases: each 2 days
Difficulty Level: easy to medium
Published first: 1925
Special: Saturday puzzles being prize crosswords, big sunday crossword by Brian Greer.
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June 2024

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You have the daily crossword puzzle from Telegraph in front of you but just can´t find the answer you are looking for? No problem, with us you will always get the daily crossword answers for your Telegraph puzzle. In our database we have all cryptic crosswords of the past weeks and of course every day the current solutions at a glance, well sorted in our table. Our solutions are of course free of charge. Just click on your desired date in the calendar and you will see your solutions. With our cheat sheet you can easily find your answers and hints. Try it out right away!

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The Telegraph - the leading daily newspaper in the UK

The Telegraph is one of the leading English newspapers and was founded in 1855. It is headquartered in London and is known for its high-quality reporting, especially in the area of politics. The Telegraph is aimed primarily at an older, more affluent audience. The newspaper has a reputation for supporting more traditional and conservative values, which may reflect its reading audience. In addition, The Telegraph has a strong online presence and is one of the most visited news websites in the United Kingdom. The newspaper also offers digital subscriptions that give its readers access to exclusive content and features such as personalized news feeds and podcasts and, of course, the crossword puzzles.

The Telegraph Crosswords puzzle - for 80 years they have been printed

The first crossword puzzle was developed and printed in the Telegraph by Arthur Wynne on 30 July 1925. This makes The Telegraph the first newspaper ever in the UK to publish crosswords. In the beginning, the crosswords in The Telegraph were simple definitions described with matching instructions. It was only later around 1930 that anagrams, cryptic wordplays and British puns were added. Thus the crosswords became like the ones we know and love today. With cryptic crosswords and other variants, The Telegraph also focuses on current events and the questions and answers associated with them. Since 2008, an entire subpage of the online version of the newspaper has been devoted exclusively to crosswords and other interactive games.

Special fact: there are also prize crosswords in the online version such as the Kate Mepham's Saturday Giant General Knowledge Crossword and the Monday Herculis Crossword with a chance to win a prize

Tips for the cryptic crossword from The Telegraph

After that, we have practical Telegraph crossword help here to cope better with the cryptic crossword. Because especially for beginners they are often a hard nut to crack with a lot of skill.

  • remember certain clues: some words will appear again and again even if maybe in a different way or version. Memorize them and recall them again and again later.
  • Slang: each crossword creator develops his or her own style. Before solving a puzzle, you can read the biographies of each Telegraph author to get some clues.
  • Look at the grid and not at the questions: you should always look at the grid of cryptic crosswords and not cross out the questions. This makes it easier to see connections.