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Based in:London, UK
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Difficulty Level: easy to medium
Published first: january 1999
Special: quick 2 Speed Crosswords
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The Sun is one of the largest and most popular daily newspapers in Great Britain, with about 4 million readers daily. The tabloid is sold nationwide and reports on the latest news at home and abroad. The Sun's crossword puzzles are therefore also very popular among the British population. Here puzzle fans can solve new puzzles every day and find The Sun crossword answers today with our help.

Famous headlines from The Sun: "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" (March 13, 1986). This headline was directly qualified as an allegation without evidence in the related The Sun article. It lays the foundation for the phrase in Britain to express something very improbable.

The Sun crossword answers and more information about newspaper

In 1964, the newspaper was founded by International Publishing Corporation, which also owns The Daily Mirror. However, it was not until Rupert Murdoch bought the newspaper in 1969 and changed the newspaper format to tabloid that sales figures and popularity among the British population increased. The short and eloquent headlines are still meet with great interest in Great Britain today and influence the mood in the country.

Without question, The Sun's crossword puzzles are also among the most popular puzzles in the UK. Puzzle fans can puzzle here every day and solve the crosswords with difficulty level easy to medium. On our website everyone can find the answers to The Sun's daily crossword. Those who are already done with The Sun crosswords and are sitting on a new challenge can get help solving them here:

Cryptic crossword puzzle at The Sun

New crossword puzzles appear daily at The Sun. You can choose between different puzzles online and the timer shows the exact time needed to solve the puzzle. Puzzle fans can choose between a Cryptic crossword puzzle and a Coffee Time crossword puzzle. While Coffee Time is made exactly for solving it while drinking coffee and as a pastime, Cryptic is a tricky affair not only for beginners.

This form of crossword puzzles was first published in the 1920s in a British newspaper. In the beginning, Cryptic crosswords were all about definitions, but soon different variants such as anagrams, incomplete quotes and other word games were added. More and more British newspapers published Cryptic crosswords, although some of them differed in form from the ones we know today.

Fun fact: The early Cryptic crosswords usually had a high degree of difficulty, as they sometimes appeared only once a week in the newspapers and magazines.

Sun crossword answers

Unlike other newspapers, The Sun's crosswords are not created by a particular editor, but are composed of the ideas of freelancers from all over the world. The puzzles therefore reflect the different influences of the creators of the crosswords. This expresses the special charm of The Sun crosswords. Here you can find today's Sun crossword answers.

The solutions of The Sun crossword puzzles are sometimes not so easy to guess. Thanks to our website everyone can easily find The Sun crossword puzzle answers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced puzzle solver, you will find the solution you need. Especially handy is our solution tool, where you can see only the answer you need help with. The other solutions are displayed blurred.