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Definition of stock

  • a plant or stem onto which a graft is made; especially a plant grown specifically to provide the root part of grafted plants; amass so as to keep for future use or sale or for a particular occasion or use; "let's stock coffee as long as prices are low"; any of several Old World plants cultivated for their brightly colored flowers; archaic name for a ski pole; a ski stock; equip with a stock; "stock a rifle"; have on hand; "Do you carry kerosene heaters?"; lumber used in the construction of something; "they will cut round stock to 1-inch diameter"; persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant; provide or furnish with a stock of something; "stock the larder with meat"; routine; "a stock answer"; supply with fish; "stock a lake"; supply with livestock; "stock a farm"; the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"; the handle end of some implements or tools; "he grabbed the cue

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STOCK is an official word in Scrabble with 11 points.