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Defiant, rude (9)

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for TRUCULENT

We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word truculent will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

truculent 3 letter words


truculent 4 letter words

curt fell grim rude bold dour sour ugly

truculent 5 letter words

truculent 6 letter words

abrupt animal averse bloody brutal brassy brazen cowing crusty fierce frosty savage severe snippy sullen grumpy heated raging raving ribald uneasy vulgar wilful ornery

truculent 7 letter words

abusive angered annoyed arguing bearish beastly bestial brusque brutish defiant hawkish hellish hostile hateful hurtful hurting inhuman martial satanic scrappy shaming unhuman vicious violent warlike warring wolfish worried carping enraged extreme forward furious goading peevish peppery profane radical ranting riotous

truculent 8 letter words

barbaric battling bullying brawling cavalier churlish captious choleric churning contrary demoniac devilish diabolic damaging debasing duelling fiendish fighting factious infernal inhumane inimical incensed infamous injuring insolent jingoish jingoist militant military maverick mutinous ruthless reviling sadistic scathing scurrile sharkish subhuman shameful spiteful virulent vengeful volatile volcanic aberrant agitated opposing outraged petulant pitiless provoked wrathful

truculent 9 letter words

atrocious attacking audacious barbarous bellicose combative cutthroat cavilling concerned draconian damnatory debatable dissident disturbed ferocious fiendlike invective injurious insulting insurgent irascible irritable irritated murderous malicious malignant maligning merciless offensive slavering soldierly seditious shameless tartarean truculent unpacific eruptible explosive libelling litigious perturbed querulous vitriolic

truculent 10 letter words

aggressive antithetic brutalized chauvinist contention censorious demoniacal diabolical defamatory derogative derogatory disputable jingoistic pugnacious sanguinary scurrilous scandalous slanderous terrifying unfriendly unpeaceful unpleasant infuriated maleficent malevolent rebellious refractory

truculent 11 letter words

bad-tempered belligerent browbeating contentious challenging comminatory complaining frightening full of fight fulminatory ill-tempered impassioned impertinent imprecatory opprobrious quarrelsome sanguineous soldierlike terrorizing threatening troublesome unchristian uncivilised uncivilized unpeaceable disgraceful disparaging exasperated humiliating maledictory

truculent 12 letter words

antagonistic bloodthirsty bloody-minded chauvinistic contumelious cruel-hearted calumniating contemptuous intimidating militaristic obstreperous trigger-happy vituperative warmongering denunciatory depreciative disagreeable disapproving discontented disreputable questionable unaffiliated

truculent 13 letter words

cannibalistic controversial saber-rattling argumentative dishonourable insubordinate temperamental troublemaking

truculent 14 letter words


truculent 15 letter words

anthropophagous unparliamentary

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Definition of truculent

  • defiantly aggressive; "a truculent speech against the new government"

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